Crystal Dwyer Hansen


“A whole new way of seeing who you’re meant to be!”

“Empowering beyond words!”

Crystal has spoken to audiences all over the world delivering rave reviews from individuals and corporations. Her presentations are designed to be fun, interactive, and to get the audience immediately engaged in their own process of positive transformation. She loves bringing on stage to participate in quick sessions that involve the audience and show the remarkable power we all have in our minds to re-imagine ourselves exactly as we want to be and to change a negative thought pattern to a positive one. People come away excited and ready for new beginnings!

Crystal is happy to customize her presentations to fit your company’s goals and needs!

Crystal’s Keynote Titles:

Pure Thoughts for Pure Results

Purge the Messy Thinking That’s keeping You from Greatness.

As an expert in the field of Human Potential, Crystal uses her expertise and experience as a Transformational Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist- to present a fascinating look at how to understand and master your thinking process to achieve more success and happiness than you’ve ever imagined. While often people feel that life is coming at them from a source beyond their control, the truth is, that life is created from the inside-out. Our perception of experiences become subconscious programming, or software for the mind. Crystal masterfully teaches how to intervene in your own mental software and to program it to your advantage.

These subconscious programs control:

  • How we react to things
  • Decision Making
  • Ability to take action or NOT
  • Emotional responses in our relationships

With a wonderful blend of science and humor, your audience will understand the brilliant design of our human brain and the Thought-Emotion Technology within that creates their life experience. They’ll learn how Thought-Emotion Technology is working all the time-either for them or against them. Crystal gives them practical tools and anchors that will allow them to make significant positive changes in their lives, and to live with a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

This empowering presentation will awaken the potential in each individual, helping them eliminate the mental “stuff” that is not serving their greatest achievement, happiness, or success.

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What’s Your Destiny? ASK!

Each of us has a destiny. Your job is to find it. In this illuminating and inspiring presentation, Crystal offers seven guideposts that will teach you the key principles of the art and science of Asking to unleash your dreams into action and to discover and move toward your destiny. Based on the breakthrough principles in Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen’s new book ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, this transformational presentation will offer a clear and simple path that helps you identify what’s holding you back, and exactly how to move forward into excellence and greatness!

Your destiny mandates that you learn to ask. Ask yourself, Ask Others, and Ask God. You will learn these principles and philosophies, and hear magnificent, life-changing stories that will inspire you to ever greater happiness, wealth, and fulfillment. You have a destiny that is greater than you may have imagined. More compelling than you have previously experienced or expressed. A life path that will increase, promote, and elevate you in ways beyond anything you’ve ever even considered. Prepare to be delighted as you discover how to release your hidden treasures and catapult yourself into the dreams you’ve desired and will now effortlessly achieve. You’ll come away from this talk feeling empowered and ready to deploy the art and science of asking to manifest your destiny to the benefit of yourself and all others.

Living the Skinny Life- The Real Skinny on Fit, Slim, and Healthy.

Living life full out and being your most productive self requires that you have the greatest physical health, strength, and stamina possible. So, with all of the information available at our fingertips about how to exercise and eat healthy, why are more people than ever plagued with low energy, poor health, and too much weight? Crystal has a unique program that teaches that your greatest health and fitness starts in the mind. She teaches the “Real Skinny” or the bottom-line truth on health and fitness. You can’t have a healthy fit body, until you have a healthy, fit mind. She shares research about why people go on diets, lose weight and ultimately end up heavier than ever. She shows you how to break that cycle for good. Crystal’s philosophy isn’t about diets and weighing yourself. She says throw away your scales and stop counting calories! In fact, she teaches to love food more than ever—just learn to love the foods that love you back. She shows you how to reset your mind to loving healthy movement, so you look forward to finding easy ways to get out there and get your groove on-moving in the ways you love to be active! She teaches you to raise your level of mindfulness and awareness, so that you come from a place of loving and honoring your body-all the way to the best healthy, energetic you! As you raise your levels of awareness to create a higher level of excellence in taking care of you, everything in your life starts to become more excellent!

This talk is an audience favorite because everyone can relate to the truth that great performance and excellence starts at the very personal level of your own body and mind.


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